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We love the works of Dr Dani Gordon to find out more about her works visit. https://drdanigordon.com/

We love this film about children and chess.

What a great game to play with children when you are at home and want a break from screen time.


What a great idea!

Source: https://mashable.com/2017/06/15/diy-girls-solar-powered-tent-homeless/?europe=true&fbclid=IwAR2a_0nCjP5GgS-B0L0YoKYhwXNPizo8oF2HUw6Z6RxZZArUrTvCPyxeK2g#VdSNTeZ1GSqy

As Daniela Orozco picks off excess plastic bordering a 3D-printed box, she recalls how many homeless people she saw on her way to school when she was a high school freshman.
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recycled art thomas dambo

We love the sculptures in Copenhagen Forests.


Thanks to source https://mymodernmet.com/thomas-dambo-giant-wood-sculptures/?fbclid=IwAR1a-ckj6U-tnADTWBoQwp_n0LVJtfGde3RtszzuuFlHNk0043d8ZhGv7-s
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Great film from Andy George who sets out to make his out suit out of raw materials. Andy takes us on a journey of tracking down all the raw materials he needs.

Well done How to make Everything.

Today, getting what you need is as easy as a trip to the store. From food to clothing, energy, medicine, and so much more, Andy George will discover what it takes to make everything from scratch. His mission is to understand the complex processes of manufacturing that is often taken for granted and do it all himself. Each week he’s traveling the world to bypass the modern supply chain in order to harvest raw materials straight from the source. Along the way, he’s answering the questions you never thought to ask.

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The first nationally accredited course extolling the health benefits of spirituality will launch at Alternatives (London) and Findhorn College (Scotland) in the autumn.


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Personal and Global Transformative Consciousness

A 2-Day Workshop With Daniel Pinchbeck & Bobby Klein

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