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We interviewed Johan, the founder of Transcend International. They use conflict mediation and violence conciliation to promote peace around the world.

Dr Rosy offers PositiveTv her Top Tips for a better life!

We at Positive TV love this film about Satish Kumar’s Peace Walk to celebrate 50 years of Resurgence Magazine created by


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Author Nick Williams offers us some simple Top Tips for an easier life!

PositiveTv has been following the fortunes of Lady Tracey Worcester since her hard hitting film, Pig Business about the Pork Industry.

Recently she appeared on the Front page of the Telegraph, telling us about her recent brush with Breast and Lymph Cancer, and how she’d used an Alkaline diet to mitigate the worst effects of Chemotherapy.

Tracy was a TV actress in the 80′s and is now and has been for 25 years, an environmental campaigner.
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Kyle Vialli offers PositiveTV his Top Tips for a better life

Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Rosie Boycott, Chair of London Food, today launched an innovative scheme to turn 2012 pieces of land into thriving green spaces to grow food by 2012. Capital Growth – the first initiative delivered by Rosie Boycott in her capacity as Chair of London Food – aims to identify suitable patches of land around London and offer financial and practical support to groups of enthusiastic gardeners or organisations who want to grow food for themselves and for the local community. Boosting the amount of locally grown food in London makes economic sense at a time of rising food prices, and it also has a range of health and environmental benefits, such as improving access to nutritious food in urban areas and helping to increase flood protection. Boris Johnson said: ‘Linking up currently unloved patches of land with people who want to discover the wonders of growing their own food, delivers massive benefits. It will help to make London a greener, more pleasant place to live whilst providing healthy and affordable food. This will aid people to reconnect with where their fruit and veg comes from and cut the congestion and carbon emissions associated with the transportation of food from miles away. Capital Growth is a win-win scheme – good for our communities and good for our environment.’ Rosie Boycott said: ‘London has a good deal of green spaces – some derelict or underused – but not being used as well as they could be. We also have a veritable host of enthusiastic gardeners who are well equipped to turning derelict or underused spaces into thriving oases offering healthy food and a fantastic focus for the community. Capital Growth will identify spaces across the capital – often in surprising places such as roof gardens – and help London’s communities grow their own food.’ Monty Don, gardening expert and TV presenter, said: ‘Growing your own is the most direct route to delicious, healthy food. It is also immensely satisfying. Anyone can do it, anywhere, and if we all grow a little then together we can make a huge difference to our food supply.

Tess Burrows talks to PositiveTV about her Kilimanjaro Peace Climb.
They are going to climb the 5,895 meters to the top in order to arrive in time for World Peace day on the 21st of September. They will carry with them the World Peace Flame, peace messages from the four corners of the globe AND they’ll be dragging a TYRE with them for good measure!
The symbolism of the tyre is “Pulling together for PEACE!”
Nicholas Pilbrow, one of the founders of PTV will be climbing the mountain with the aim of raising money for the Positive Foundation.
Donate here http://positivetv.tv/donate/

The Climb is still searching for peace messages from EVERY nation under the sun. Can any PTV viewers help to contact friends in the missing countries, who have not yet sent a peace message? See the messages and write one here:- http://climbfortibet.org/peace-messages/

Tess is raising money for various charities, please support her here:-http://www.justgiving.com/ClimbForTibet