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Lady Tracy Worcester (Full Interview)

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PositiveTv has been following the fortunes of Lady Tracey Worcester since her hard hitting film, Pig Business about the Pork Industry.

Recently she appeared on the Front page of the Telegraph, telling us about her recent brush with Breast and Lymph Cancer, and how she’d used an Alkaline diet to mitigate the worst effects of Chemotherapy.

Tracy was a TV actress in the 80′s and is now and has been for 25 years, an environmental campaigner.

Here Wikipedia entry reads thus..

In 1989, Tracy Worcester began working with Friends of the Earth. Since then, she has been active in green politics as patron of the International Society for Ecology and Culture, a trustee of The Gaia Foundation, the Schumacher Society and the Bath Environment Centre, patron of the UK’s Soil Association, and as a member of the advisory board of The Ecologist magazine and a member of the International Forum on Globalisation. She was also a member of the Referendum Party, opposed Britain’s involvement in the European Union.

Being great fans of Ecology, Alkaline diets and “generally making sense” PositiveTv decided we had to meet this wonderful woman and hear what she has to say!

This interview is a little longer than usual, but Tracy deserves to be heard, hear her out!

What a perfect article to be released on International Women’s Day 2013!