Intraterrestrial. A Fleeting Contact

The Shore and the Ocean. The frozen and the fluid. The artificial and the genuine. Humans and dolphins. Two ways of life. Two mentalities. A dialogue about two world-systems. Is contact possible between them? Intraterrestrial – inhabitants of the Earth – not us OR them, but us WITH them. Written, directed and produced by Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky Underwater cinematography – Rafa Herrero Massieu, René Heuzey, ANG On land cinematography – Viktoria Fortunina, Maxim Drozdov, ANG With the assistance of TV copter, Alisa Naremonti, Sergey Kondrashin, Marina Shangina, Roman Lyakhov Recording and visualization of sounds, film editing – The Dolphin Embassy Swimming with dolphins – Nicole Gratovsky Music – David Rothenberg, Arkady Shilkloper, Jivan Gasparyan, David Swarup, Mikkai Kumo, Bernard Abeille, Paul Brousseau, Alizbar, Kai Engel, Alexander Samodoum, Galina Parfenova Poetry – Vera Polozkova Narrators – Tobin Auber, Clare Parry-Jones Artifacts – The Dolphin Embassy collection Dolphinarium stock footage – Fotolia Sound editing: Tim Gauff; Supremedia Production: Dolphin Embassy, 2017

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