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The Great Kitchen Table Debate On Food Part 6

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How can we feed an ever burgeoning population SUSTAINABLY?

This is Part Six of a SEVEN part series. ( You can follow the rest of the series from the link at the bottom of this article)

The Great Kitchen Table Debate was held in Bristol, at The Soil Association’s Organic Food Festival.

We asked 6 panelists to help us examine this thorny question, and using the Dr Edward De Bono “Six thinking Hats Method” tried to see if they could suggest some solutions for us!

We’ll hear from Nigel Newman of the De Bono Foundation, who will be chairing the debate, Barny Haughton – Celebrity Chef, Bonnie Hewson from the Soil Association,Phil Haughton – Founder of The Better Food Company, Judith Freane – Brown Cow Organics, Mark Hall – The Consumer and Philip Lowery – Founder and Director of Real Food Festivals.