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Krishna Prem – Short #1 (Relationship)

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Krishna Prem is American born and raised. He left the States when he was 30 years old in search of himself. He first unpacked his bags in Shepperton, England and supported himself by being a bartender at the Ship Hotel. When he finished his shift at midnight, the only place he could find to eat was a local Indian restaurant. He fell in love with Indian food and one night after work, having imbibed a little too much local brew, he found himself on a one-way ticket to Bombay. Here he met his friend and teacher Osho and began his inner journey. For over 30 plus years now he has been leading meditations in the East as well as the West. Even though he is still in movement he no longer has a need to look for himself. He now knows the journey is the goal and enjoys being intimate with his friends all over the world. He finds the best way to go in is to go out with you. By always remembering ‘meditation is not what you think’ he has learned to laugh at himself and is intimately in touch with this cosmic joke called life.