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Pleiadian Essential Daily Practices Meditation – Solara An-Ra

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My Pleiadian guides say that this meditation, practised daily, would change the world almost instantly if practised by enough people! I’ve put it up on my website free of charge, hoping to get hundreds of thousands of people doing it in as short as time as possible. Please spread the word and pass it onto others! This youtube version may be too soft to use effectively – you can download this 8 minute version, or the original 13 minute meditation on www.solara.org.uk. Its recommended that you start with the longer version and then use the shorter if time is an issue. Start your day with all of your energy present, cleansed and protected, grounded into Gaia, & connected with Heaven & Earth! Email me at solara@solara.org.uk if you want to receive monthly news and meditations. Love and thanks! Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light xxx