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Telepathy Experiment At Sunrise Festival 2011

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2011 Sunrise Festival Telepathic results. Dr David Ash and Dana of Positive TV conducted amazing telepathic viewing experiments to demonstrate the power of telepathy. Two diagrams were drawn each incorporated a colour and two geometric shapes, one inside the other. These were hidden even from David and Dana before the experiments. The experiments were repeated on the Friday and Saturday on different volunteers. Each day 10 people were zipped into a tent with paper and crayons. They were asked to draw what they saw in their minds in the way of shapes and colours. Dana and David were given the diagrams and ran round the festival site showing them to people, asking them to project what they saw to the tent. On the Friday the diagram was a black triangle inside a red circle. When we got back to the tent: • 8 out of ten chose the red colour • 7 out of ten drew triangles • 4 out of ten drew circles • 3 out of ten drew a triangle inside a circle The probability of that happening by chance was 1 in 220,000 On Saturday the diagram was a black circle inside a red square • 5 out of ten drew with the right colour • 6 out of ten drew squares • 7 out of ten drew circles • 2 out of ten drew a circle inside a square The probability of that happening by chance was 1 in 200,000 How amazing was that? One the Saturday we had similar startling results. We will have the results of last years telepathy experiments on show for you to view at Sunrise 2012.