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Pioneer of the New Paradigm, a special tribute to Dr Ervin Laszlo

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Positive TV is delighted to share the trailer for the new documentary Life of A Modern Day Genius, Dr Ervin Laszlo.

 The documentary “Life of a Modern Day Genius”  has been commissioned by the USA channel PBS and will premiere in Chicago on the 30th April. It celebrates the life and works of Dr Ervin Laszlo.

There is a special event to celebrate the documentary in Chicago to find out more visit:


Ervin Laszlo has led the way in exploring life’s biggest questions about the meaning of existence. Experts agree that these are the very questions that hold the key to social change and overcoming the great challenges we currently face as a humanity. Join us for an incredibly unique opportunity to experience the exploration of the new paradigm with Ervin Laszlo and a lineup of the world’s top evolutionary leaders.



Premiere of the PBS Film Life of a Modern Day Genius, Ervin Laszlo


Presentations by Ervin Laszlo, Larry Dossey, Jude Currivan, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Allan Leslie Combs, Louis Kauffman, Chris Laszlo & Alexander Laszlo