Going Local: the solution-multiplier

A brief animated introduction to localization.

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Across the world, people are coming to realize that today’s crises — ecological collapse, economic instability, social disintegration, even terrorism — are inextricably linked to a global economy dependent on rampant consumerism, financial speculation and “free” trade.

But what is the alternative?

We believe that the answer lies in economic localization: in other words, shortening the distance between producers and consumers by encouraging diversified production
for domestic needs, instead of specialized production for export.

Localization does not mean eliminating international trade, or reducing all economic activity to a village level. It’s about shifting the power from transnational corporations to nation states, while simultaneously building up regional self-reliance.

Specifically, that means:

  • Using our taxes, subsidies and regulations to support the needs of people and communities, rather than big business.
  • Insisting that banks and businesses be place-based and subject to both genuine democratic control and ecological limits.

Local economies rebuild our connections to one another and to the natural world – connections that are essential not only for our wellbeing, but for our survival.

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