A wonderful short film that says it all..

As economist Herman Daly once commented, he would accept the possibility of infinite growth in the economy on the day that one of his economist colleagues could demonstrate that Earth itself could grow at a commensurate rate.

Whether or not the stumbling international negotiations on climate change improve, our findings make clear that much more will be needed than simply more ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. This report concludes that a new macro economic model is needed, one that allows the human population as a whole to thrive without having to relying on ultimately impossible, endless increases in consumption.

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  • Kaustav 5 years ago

    This video ignores the basic premise of modern inflationary economics – inflation, when boiled down to basics, is reflective of the human condition of optimism and hope, converted into the quantifiable form of money.

    Thus the economy can certainly constantly grow in monetory terms – while theoretically staying stable in real terms – because the relative value of money gets balanced out by the accompanying inflation.

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