In conversation with Lynne Franks and Clare Dubois

Positive TV had the pleasure to film Lynne Franks and Clare Dubois in conversation.

Together they share what it takes to shine as a women, finding the courage to step up and take part in the change we want to see in the world.

Lynne talks to Clare about her journey in creating her incredible campaign and flourishing community Tree Sisters.

With Lynne reflecting on her latest works – The Power of 7 evolving through her global women’s community Seed

They discuss the importance of the role of women at this time in the world and how important it is that women co-create together in sisterhood and thrive together. They discuss exploring ways on how women can share, work and build community together with their gifts and love for the world and find the permission to help it thrive.

They also share a touching tribute to Wangari Maathai the founder of The Green Belt Movement, and reflect on learnings and experience from meeting women refugees in the world.

Watch, share and enjoy and feel as inspired as we do by these two remarkable women.





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