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London’s Week of Peace 2011

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We at PTV are dedicated to PEACE, we will continue to support organisations who fight for peace, all throughout 2012

On 20th September 2011, PositiveTV went to watch London’s Mayor Boris Johnson host the annual prestigious London Peace Awards with special guest Baroness Berridge and Pastor Nims Obunge at London’s Living Room, City Hall.

Londoners of all ages who had made a significant contribution to safety in the capital had the opportunity to be a recipient of the 10 award categories. This event formed part of the Annual London Week of Peace 2011.

In the wake of the London riots and community unrest, the Peace Alliance remains committed to showcasing the positive work of Londoners throughout the year whose contributions have increased community safety and developed civic responsibility in their local communities.

Why not visit their website www.weekofpeace.org.uk