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Marcus Freudenmann – Cancer Is Curable Now!

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Marcus Freudenmann recently visited the UK, and gave a wonderful talk around the subject of his film Cancer Is Curable now!

Marcus has visited about 125 different “alternative” cancer clinics worldwide, whilst making this film, and interviewed many influential Doctors and Healers working in this area.

His wonderful film and community offer proof that there is an alternative to the destructive modern treatments for major diseases.

Marcus Freudenmann is the founder of maxAwarness, EQ Acadamy as well as the director and producer of “Wake-up Cancer is curable Now”. Marcus has a Master Degree in Architecture and Interior Design.

After years of successfully working as a self-employed Architect he gave up his profession to follow his life long passion to study the mind. As an accomplished scholar of the Vedic sciences he has acquired an in-depth understanding of the universal laws governing the mind and body.

Over the past 5 years he has become an expert in the field of emotional intelligence. Marcus is dedicated and enthusiastic about resolving stagnant belief systems or emotional pattern through knowledge and insights.

See more at www.canceriscurablenow.tv