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Seven years ago PositiveTV tried to merge with Positive News – it sadly didn’t happen – we still feel it would have been the most brilliant joint venture!

Now Positive News is moving into a new phase, one that we wish them all the best with!
You can support their crowd-funding project here

Take a trip back in time to see their former-editor and founder Shauna Crockett Burrows, one of PTV’s greatest inspirations, who sadly passed a few years ago.

This is what Positive News has to say!

We love news that inspires us.
We know you do too.
For the last 22 years Positive News brought stories of positive change to hundreds of thousands of people.
Increasingly, we are inspiring other media as well. But, like every news organisation, we have to adapt.
We need to innovate to become sustainable and meet the growing demand for our journalism, and just like we have pioneered a more positive form of journalism, we will now be pioneering a new way to run a media business.

We’re becoming the first crowdfunded global media cooperative; owned by our readers and journalists, and we want you to be part of it!

Join us: www.ownthemedia.org