• OK- so the answer is basically a centrally planned economy based on surveys of who needs what resources. The last few times that was tried ended in disasters and massive suffering- in Mao Tse Tung’s China and his Cultural Revolution, in the Soviet Union and the world of Stalin, in Cambodia with Pol Pot and his social engineers. They all did surveys, had statisticians, and caused more humans to die due to famines and starvation than a world war. Castro’s Cuba is another current example of the same system.

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…the “we” who do the planning end up being an unaccountable elite who swiftly become Big Brother, no matter their original good intentions. We need to re-invent capitalism, democracy and government, but the more I see of Zeitgeist the more certain I am they are not in danger of getting anyone’s vote very soon. Sorry folks, but this is not an answer.

  • Of course it’s not an answer, Robin. But that’s because it’s not addressing the root-cause in the first place.

    The reason that our current systems are corrupt and that any attempt to create a centralized resources management will also become corrupt is due to a very fundamental thing – EGOISM is the very nature of human beings. It’s rooted in our DNA, and recognizing this is a necessary step in our evolution.

    The only way for us to function and share resources like cells in a body is to FEEL and PERCEIVE like cells in a body. All levels of nature do this instinctively without being conscious. We are the only species that goes through a conscious transformation of its egoistic qualities.

    Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco are correct in many ways, but their conclusions are only based on the bodily perception that we are nothing but biological machines. They don’t see humanity’s inner structure of desires, how it’s evolving, and how we’re all connected on that level.

    Most quantum physicists today realize that the material world is a projection of our consciousness, depicted by our five senses. Since the material world is a mere reflection of our internal qualities, trying to change anything on that level will always fail.

    One way or another, the natural evolution will force us to acknowledge the primacy of consciousness over matter, and to develop new qualities of collective consciousness. The sooner we understand this process and align ourselves with it, the sooner it will happen and the less suffering we’ll have to go through.

  • This is very, very different from Communism. You should at least read the Venus Project website and get better informed.

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