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Madurai, India (CNN) — Narayanan Krishnan was a bright, young, award-winning chef with a five-star hotel group, short-listed for an elite job in Switzerland. But a quick family visit home before heading to Europe changed everything.

“I saw a very old man eating his own human waste for food,” Krishnan said. “It really hurt me so much. I was literally shocked for a second. After that, I started feeding that man and decided this is what I should do the rest of my lifetime.”

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A US man who was paralysed from the chest down after being hit by a car is now able to stand with electrical stimulation of his spinal cord.

Rob Summers, from Oregon, said standing on his own was “the most amazing feeling”.

He can voluntarily move his toes, hips, knees and ankles and also walk on a treadmill while being supported, according to research in the Lancet.

However, a UK expert said this should not be interpreted as a cure.

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PARIS — Half-a-dozen species of endangered sharks hunted on the high seas to satisfy a burgeoning Asian market for sharkfin soup are now protected in the Atlantic, a fisheries group decided Saturday.

Scalloped, smooth and great hammerheads, along with oceanic white tip, cannot be targeted or kept if caught accidentally, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) said.

Three other types of hammerhead are included in the ban: smalleye, scoophead, and whitefin.

However, a proposal submitted by the European Union to extend the same level of protection to the porbeagle shark, critically endangered in the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean, was shot down.

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An RSPCA inspector has completed a staggering 1,425 mile run from Durban to Cape Town in aid of one of its wildlife centres.

It’s thought she is the first woman to take on the ‘Freedom Trail’ which saw her do more than 25 miles a day for 46 days. Emma Timmis from Sandbach, Cheshire is raising money for Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in nearby Nantwich.

Emma, who lives in Sandbach, Cheshire, said: “This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done and I am really proud of what I’ve achieved. “South Africa is a beautiful country and the people were so hospitable and kind, I think that was the best thing about it.

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The Associated Foreign Press carried this story, which PTV though worth relaying to you…

WASHINGTON — Despite the horrific scenes of destruction, Japan may emerge from its quake-tsunami disaster with a stronger international brand-name as the nation’s resilience wins wide praise.

Television stations around the world have broadcast the footage of the seismic waves as they razed homes and carried away cars as if they were toys, stranding dazed survivors on the brutalized landscape.

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Paper products giant Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) will undertake a human rights audit across its Indonesian operations.

The move, which APP says is an acknowledgment of a recent United Nations call for the global protection of human rights by businesses, comes as APP intensifies its effort to improve its image abroad. APP, a brand for paper products manufactured by several subsidiaries in Indonesia, has been beset by criticism from environmental and human rights group over its development of timber plantations on the island of Sumatra. The complaints have cost APP a number of prominent customers.

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More than1,200 Santas have raised valuable funds for charity with a 6k fun in London’s Battersea Park that will support people to enjoy the thrill of snow sports, regardless of disability.

They dressed up as Father Christmas for the fifth Original London Run in aid of Disability Snowsport UK, which provides life enhancing activities for individuals or groups who require adaptive equipment or special instruction and support.

Paralympian Tim Farr from the British Disabled Ski Team set the runners on their way – they were welcome to run, walk or wheel their way round the route.

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In May 2007, Cynthia Stafford won $112 million playing Lotto, but what is most amazing is that she’d been planning the big win for a while and even had a written strategy. Once Stafford won her big prize, she started figuring out how she could give a lot of it away.

“We were raised with the sense of philanthropy. Growing up, I was the person who saw the UNICEF commercials and would send my allowance. Being generous is just who I am.”

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British teenager James Thomas had only been working aboard the Costa Concordia for six months when the cruise ship capsized off the coast of Tuscany last Friday.

But when panic erupted in the rush to get the ship’s 4,200 passengers to safety, the 19-year-old dancer demonstrated composure beyond his years by turning himself a human ladder to allow dozens of men and woman to climb to safety, the Daily Mirror reports.

Thomas told the Mirror that some passengers accidentally went to the wrong floor, one level above the loading dock, as they raced to reach the ship’s life boats.

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We are loving Thrive Global developed by Arianna Huffington.

In our recent blog post, we discussed the many reasons as to why you may find yourself procrastinating. One of which, may be due to laziness or feeling the need to rebel. When it comes down to it, procrastination is often an avoidance of pain. No matter whether that type of pain is fear, vulnerability, conformity or boredom, they can each bring on a level of discomfort. Overcoming this problem requires identifying the root of the source and moving forward from there to make valuable changes. Let’s discuss the lack of a positive mindset a bit deeper.
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Jerusalem (CNN) — Aya Abu Mouwais, a 3-year-old who lives in the West Bank, can barely walk or talk because of a failing kidney and liver. For much of her life, the Palestinian child has needed dialysis to survive.

Thankfully, an Israeli man has been able to help her get the treatment she so desperately requires.

More than 500 times in the past two years, Yuval Roth and his volunteers have driven Aya and her mother roundtrip from a checkpoint near the West Bank border to Rambam Medical Center, which is an hour away in Haifa, Israel.

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