Positive TV

The Great Kitchen Table Debate

Positive TV visits the Organic Food Festival

Positive TV finds out more about Bikram Yoga

Positive TV finds out more about Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – With Jeremy Colledge, Owen, Sophie Corbett and Rosco Brittind.

Oh dear, you might need to look away as we discuss, Tiger Woods, John Terry, and SEX!

It’s difficult to keep the team on the straight and narrow..
See what you think!

At the Great Kitchen Table Debate we take world politics very seriously! Owen, Jeremy, Sohpie and Rosco debate Nuclear Disarmament.

We discuss the dangers the dangers of Hotdogs!

Here it is people, your call to action! Dana and Jeremy invite you to take part in PTV! Do you have something to say? It’s time to be HEARD and not HERD! Jeremy and Dana got together the other day over the kitchen table to review the past and plan the future of PTV. We realised we can’t move on with without YOU! Over the next few months, PTV will be reporting on the usual stories that matter to us, but also we are opening up “The Great Kitchen Table Debate!” Come to our kitchen table, or we can come to yours if you want! (We might just have to keep it to London for now unless you are paying for the Green Limousine!) That shouldn’t stop you sending ideas and stories to us though, what do you want to hear debated, and by whom!? Traditionally all of lifes great conversations have taken place with a cuppa or a glass of wine, keep the tradition alive with us! BE A PART OF PTV!

We gather round the our Great Kitchen Table with the wonderful Polly Higgins. We discover the term Ecocide. Polly tells about her desire to make Ecocide the Fifth Crime against Humanity

Journalist Mark Johnson debates, Positive News vs Negative News!
PTV’s Jeremy, Owen and Dana defend the Positive side.

Sophie and Owen have a proposal for you!

Jeremy, Rosco and Owen discuss the Music Industry, Illegal Downloads and the future!