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Americans’ city optimism highest in more than five years

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More Americans now say the city or area where they live is getting better — 61.9% — than have at any time since January 2008. Americans” optimism about where they live has been steadily increasing since January of 2013.

Americans were less optimistic about the future of the cities where they live during the economic downturn in 2009, with the percentage saying their city is “getting better” falling to a low of 51.1% in February 2009. Their outlook remained relatively depressed in 2010 and 2011, but began to recover in 2012.

City Optimism Up Across All Regions, Remains Best in the South

Americans living in the South are the most likely to say the city where they live is getting better, as was the case in February 2009 when city optimism was at a low point nationwide. However, Americans in all regions of the country are now much more optimistic about where they live. Optimism increased the most in the West since February 2009 and increased the least in the East. Americans in the East are the least optimistic about their cities in 2013, as was the case in February 2009.

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