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Certificate in Applied Positive Psych Program Launched

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Spreading the Magic of Positive Psychology

Imagine participating in a learning experience with every meeting filled with music, movement, experiential learning, and rich academic content. Imagine feeling supported by instructors and peers alike. Imagine an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is rigorous. Imagine a curriculum that benefits your life as much as it does your work.

Graduates of Masters of Applied Positive Psychology programs found experience was so fulfilling that many of us wondered how we could bottle the magic. In my eyes, MAPP was truly matchless. Or so I thought until recently.

Now the Flourishing Center, in partnership with the New York Open Center, is granting a Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP), a 6-month program that has been approved by the New York Board of Education. Students meet for 7 full weekends. The rest of the material is delivered through online content, teleclasses, and webinars.

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