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First London Olympics Gold Medal Should Go to the Velodrome

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The London 2012 Olympics are coming up pretty quickly. Tickets are on sale, the clock is ticking away (sometimes when it works) on Trafalgar Square and slowly buildings are being completed and unveiled.

The Gold Medal for first to finish, greenest, and most beautiful building has to go to the Velodrome, designed by Hopkins Architects.

London’s claim to fame for these games is that they will be the most sustainable ever and leave a legacy to the nation. The Velodrome is living up to that goal.

It was chosen from a number of competitors because of its sustainable and efficient design. The 6,000 seat building has a 250 metre UCI (International Cycling Union) approved indoor track and 400m BMX Olympic circuit. The two tiers of seating allow a 360 degree view of the track.

Construction work on the Velodrome started in March 2009 – it was one of the last of the big 5 venues to start work but is the first Olympic building to be completed on time and on budget.

If you’d like to read this full article and see the pictures that accompany it, go to Thetreehugger.com (And our thanks go to Bonnie Alter for this story)