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FYE Shoes – Fashionable, Affordable, Green & Responsible Footwear from France

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Treehugger has this to say about French Company FYE (For Your Earth)

Shoe lovers have more and more choice when it comes to buying eco-friendly shoes: Simple Shoes, Worn Again or TOMS are just a few of my favourites and I just found a new brand from France. FYE (for your earth) is a relatively young company that started popping up on the internet and in european stores recently. Their fashionable trainers are comfy and their philosophy is eco-social business; good for people, planet and profit.

FYE uses recycled materials as well as organic natural fibers and rubber, all held together by non-toxic water-based adhesives.

Life Cycle Thinking

To reduce transportation emissions and cost, the recycled cardboard shoe box has been reduced to its minimum amount of material and size. However, according to Ana Villagorda for the blog Sostenible.cat the shoes are made in Vietnam, which adds quite a milage to the boxes. This is I believe for the same reasons that Worn Again produces in China; good quality at a low price. To make sure the production is ethical, 5% of every shoe sold goes to projects that work on improving working conditions in developing countries. Finally, to close the loop, FYE encourages the recycling of their shoes. All through France you can drop your old shoes of at any Le Relais recycling point. Those shoes are then turned into new soles again.

See the full story with pictures on Treehugger OR Visit the FYE website here…