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Garlic could help people with high blood pressure, University of Adelaide study finds

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Researchers in Australia have found that garlic extract may be helpful for people already being treated for high blood pressure.

The study by the University of Adelaide looked at the effects of aged garlic extract on people with treated, but uncontrolled, high blood pressure.

The findings suggest systolic blood pressure decreased more among those taking the garlic compared to those taking a placebo after a 12 week period.

The British Heart Foundation is calling for further research to establish the effectiveness of garlic in this area. “Using garlic for medicinal purposes dates back thousands of years in some civilisations ,” said Ellen Mason, Senior Cardiac Nurse. “For it to become a mainstream treatment today, it is essential that scientific research proves that garlic can help conditions such as raised blood pressure.

“This study demonstrated a slight blood pressure reduction after using aged garlic supplements but it’s not significant enough or in a large enough group of people to currently recommend it instead of medication. It is a concern that so many people in the UK have poorly controlled blood pressure, with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease as a consequence.

So enjoy garlic as part of your diet but don’t stop taking your blood pressure medication.”

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