Google Invests In Human-Powered Monorail System!

In response to global demand for innovations in public transportation, Google has pledged $1 million to a New Zealand company with an elevated opinion of urban commuting.

Two years ago, the search engine giant, Google Inc., made headlines by announcing Project 10^100: a global call for ideas that would change the world by helping as many people as possible. Over 150,000 ideas were submitted, and “drive innovation in public transportation” was voted one of the five winning concepts.

In response, Google searched high and low for a company that had the most forward looking vision for the transportation industry, as well as the expertise to bring their futuristic ideas to life.

What they found was Shweeb: a space-age transportation device that combines the unique properties of monorail with recumbent cycle technologies. (Because we wondered too: Shweeb [ ʃwíb ] n.: derivation from the German “schweben” [ ʃvɛbən ] v., meaning to “float” or “suspend”).

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