Government launches £4.2m urban tree-planting plan

A £4.2m scheme to plant one million trees over the next four years has been unveiled by the government.

It will see trees planted in urban areas of England that need them most, in the first government tree-planting campaign since the 1970s.

It aims to reverse declines in the rates in the number of trees being planted in towns and cities.

It will be led by Defra, alongside the Forestry Commission and organisations such as the Woodland Trust.

Trees for Cities and the Tree Council will also be involved in the Big Tree Plant scheme.

Generate pride

The Forestry Commission will provide £1m a year over the next four years, while £200,000 of existing London Tree and Woodland Community Grant money will also be used.

Defra minister Jim Paice said: “Using the enthusiasm of local communities and the knowledge of the groups that know most about trees and their unique benefits, we’ll help create neighbourhoods that we can be proud of.”

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  • Hi,

    This is really very good effort by Government. Preserving our natural resources is very essential things now and trees are help us to preserver our environment, land and water. All nations must come together and start thinking about urban tree landscaping, I will call it urban forest. This is not only government responsibility but its also individuals responsibility to plant a tree around their home and garden.

    Save tree save planet.


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