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Halloween bats fly again after rehabilitation by the RSPCA

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Bats rehabilitated by the RSPCA are able to spread their wings for Hallowe’en – thanks to be a bit of tender loving care.

A bat carer based at one of the organisation’s wildlife centres found that even the most dramatic of tears down the wing can heal themselves with the right approach.

Veterinary nurse Sarah Goodwin from the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Cheshire explained the usual veterinary technique of stitching or gluing such tears together can cause issues with the bats removing stitches or glue when grooming.

Sarah instead decided to care for bats which came into her care with wing injuries by keeping them warm giving them antibiotics feeding them vitamin and mineral-rich food restricting their flight giving them time to rest and heal. In nearly all cases she found that the wings healed back together of their own accord.

She said: “I just couldn’t believe how fast the wings grew back together. It was amazing. All they needed was a bit of rest and care and their wing membranes healed all by themselves – ready for them to fly back safely into the wild.”

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