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Cancer patients share their experiences to help others on Story Bank website

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Patients have recorded their own personal cancer stories for a unique website designed to help people who are worried about cancer, particularly the risk of inheriting the condition.

Researchers from the University of Cardiff’ collected and produced digital stories from patients who volunteered to share their experiences about their journey through the Cancer Genetics Service for Wales.

The patient stories cover a range of topics such as living with cancer; living with the risk of inherited cancer, and the implications this has for themselves and their families.

One patient featured on the website is Cheryle Gould from Cardiff, who tells how she was twice diagnosed with cancer.  “I am hoping that I am going to stay healthy and that I don’t get it again, but if I do then I will just deal with it again, like I have done before,” she said.

First Minister of Wales, Rt Hon Carwyn Jones, who launched the website, said:  “Just the mention of the word “cancer” can strike fear in many people and anything which can help allay fears surrounding the disease will be very helpful. Hearing from others whose lives have been affected by the disease will surely offer some comfort to others in a similar situation.”

Dr Rachel Iredale, Institute of Medical Genetics, School of Medicine, who led the project, said|: “Although familial cancers are rare, for people who have a number of family members with cancer they are often worried that they too will get cancer.

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