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How A Positive Mindset Can Beat Procrastination

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In our recent blog post, we discussed the many reasons as to why you may find yourself procrastinating. One of which, may be due to laziness or feeling the need to rebel. When it comes down to it, procrastination is often an avoidance of pain. No matter whether that type of pain is fear, vulnerability, conformity or boredom, they can each bring on a level of discomfort. Overcoming this problem requires identifying the root of the source and moving forward from there to make valuable changes. Let’s discuss the lack of a positive mindset a bit deeper.

Maybe you don’t have a procrastination problem as much as you have a passionproblem. You’ve heard it before; if you’re doing work you love, then you’ll never really feel like you’re working. This is because the enjoyment derived makes it feel like a hobby rather than a chore. You feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose, and there’s little need to motivate yourself each day because it’s already there. However, the opposite can also be true. If you really don’t like your job, you’ll likely see it as a burden. You won’t feel motivated and you would do almost anything to avoid it. While it’s often easier said than done, finding your passion and a sense of purpose in your career is what will truly help you to not see your tasks as mundane or tedious or tiresome. As the saying goes, “whatever the heart feels the mind will see.”

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