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India introduces e-waste law

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A campaign forfronted by Greenpeace has after 6 years finally led to a legislation that make producers financially liable for the products they produces after the products life-span.

India has long been a destination for the dumping of e-waste from developed countries but also has a rapidly growing domestic electronics industry, making national legislation that tackled both e-waste imports and domestically produced electronics the key aim of the campaign.

An Indian campaigner summed up the impact of the law, “This is not just a victory for the environment but business, as it creates a level-playing field. The rule ensures a transition from the current out-of-sight out-of-mind approach to proper recycling of e-wastes and in the process accelerating the commercial introduction of green electronic products in the market.”

The law act as a positive example for the discussions going on regarding the regulation of electronic waste in places such as Argentina and in the EU, which are in the final steps of their versions of electronic waste regulation.

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