Indonesian Twins,Separated At Birth, Reunite In Sweden

This story sounds like a movie script, but it”s not.

Two Indonesian sisters — twins — separated at birth, found each nearly 30 years later, only to discover that they lived no more than 25 miles apart in South Sweden, the AFP reports.

Emilie Falk and Lin Backman were both adopted in Indonesia by Swedish parents. However, neither set of parents was told about the other twin. Then, when they were leaving the orphanage, a taxi driver asked Backman”s parents in passing about “the other one, the sister.”

Many years later, Falk decided to look for her sister. Using a network for Indonesian children adopted by Swedish parents and Facebook, Falk tracked Backman down, reports.

DNA tests revealed that best online casino there is a 99.98 percent chance that the two are sisters.

After getting the test results, Falk says she “suddenly started thinking that we shared a womb.” “It was really strange, but really cool too,” she told AFP.

The girls are both teachers, got married on the same day only a year apart and danced to the same song at their weddings.

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