Nano Technology – A Modern Marvel or the Remembering of Ancient Wisdom?

Positive TV are excited to be working with Gabriel Cavazos at Project Arcotu.

The ARCOTU VISION TEAM strives to impact people and their relationship to our natural environment. No matter what project we’re designing, we always aim to make a positive difference in the landscape that is symbiotic with the Laws of Creation. We envision sacred spaces that will inspire people, help them connect with one another, and enrich the human experience. We do this by embracing the life, love, and diversity of our holographic universe at large. Recognizing that every great bio-design is the result of a combination of collective ideas, inspired by the quantitative & qualitative dynamics of our planet and it’s place within the universe. You’ll be amazed by what you will learn, and what we can achieve together through our philosophies rooted in the Quantum Realities of Sacred Geometry… The ARCHITECTURE Of The UNIVERSE!

This week features Chrissy Cook’s latest blog latest blog post, “Nanotechnology: A Modern Marvel or the Remembering of Ancient Wisdom?”

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