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New website Advertactivist.com raises funds to advertise charities’ and campaign groups’ positive social messages

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It’s estimated to be worth 19 billion pounds a year in the UK, but advertising hasn’t always had the best reputation. Now a new online platform is helping fund campaigns that carry a positive social message.

Advertactivist.com is described as ‘a crowd-funding platform’, enabling campaign groups, charities, and social enterprises to promote their ad on advertactivist.com and secure the all-important funds they need.

These groups can use the site to declare the amount they require to get their campaign featured on a certain media platform. This could be an online display advert, billboard, bus shelter, newspaper advert.  People then fund the advertising campaigns they feel passionate about.

Jon Simpkin, Manager of Advertactivist.com, explained: “Until now the inhibitive cost of mainstream advertising has been off limits to most socially conscious individuals and campaign groups. This is going be a very innovative way for campaign groups and charities to raise much needed funds and awareness for their cause.

“The objective is to gather donations that will be used to fund advertising campaigns that can make a positive difference to our society, our communities, and our planet.”

The site collects the donations and then, when the campaign has been fully funded or the funding date has expired, it sends the organisation the total money raised. It takes a 15% commission on each donation to cover its fees and to keep its website in operation.

Advertactivist.com believes it’s an opportunity for advertising to be used for positive things such as raising awareness about climate change or a political issue that is not being talked about in the mainstream media ‘people coming together and having the power to use advertising to raise their concerns is actually what democracy and freedom is all about’, it says.

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