‘People’s watchdog’ touted to keep UK green

Sustainability experts are planning to set up a “people’s watchdog” on green government when the spending axe falls on the official body next month.

The proposal was aired on Tuesday at a meeting of the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) whose 10-year Whitehall funding is about to end.

The new body would use techniques such as crowdsourcing and social media to dissect data and lobby government.

There is no funding for the new group, although conversations are underway.

The idea is a twist on David Cameron’s “Big Society” idea, whereby state-funded activities are hived off into the private or charitable sectors.

“There’s a need for expert advice, for the government to have a serious dialogue with the experts around sustainability,” said Becky Willis, one of the commission’s members.

“And if they won’t resource it, we’ll have to find other ways of doing it.”

The proposed body would monitor all government departments and follow all relevant issues, providing a running audit of the coalition’s pledge to be the “greenest ever government”.

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