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Positive TV is looking forward to Off-Grid Festival

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Welcome to an open space hand crafted for reconnection and re-imagination.

Off Grid is an opportunity to breathe deeply and tread lightly. This summer, join our newly indigenous tribe of builders, growers, healers and storytellers as we celebrate the beginning of an Age of Reunion.

In 2014 our emerging community will open the doors of perception and glimpse Another World. This is the Great Turning and we are a People in Transition!

Off Grid is a 100% participatory event collaboratively self-organised by the volunteer-led crews behind Sunrise and Cloud Cuckoo Land. Held on the incredible Thoulstone Park near Frome between 14th and 17th August 2014, Off Grid is a limited capacity 500 person event, so book early via Bristol Ticket Shop.

“Above and beyond the talks, workshops and performance art, Off Grid is developing a genuinely participatory festival model. We’re inviting everyone involved to share in the co-creative process, with Building Man and Birthing Woman a fundamental aspect of this event’s design. We hope you will feel secure and powerful enough to openly share your unique gifts in these brand new spaces. Welcome to our New Story of the People!”  – Marcus Letts, Project Manager

Building Man is our co-creative Source. This two week eco build and permaculture design short course will preceed Off Grid with only 50 spaces available, so book early.

In 2014 Building Man will support the design and build of a low impact model for smallholdings, disaster management camps or even permanent festival sites. This Tin Village will offer a practical demonstration of existing planning regulations, eco self-build techniques and appropriate technologies.

Meanwhile, Birthing Woman is our fertile Womb. It is a safe and secure space for surrender and rebirth as we prepare as a species to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth.

In 2014 this emerging sacred space will host our Gaia Dome, Red Tent, Men’s Circle, Children’s Fire and Wild Woods Bushcraft Camp

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