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Sacred Sexuality – Love and Gratitude with Heather Powers Live Talk show. Monday 13th 11.11 PST

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Positive TV are excited to be working along side Big C tv for live broadcast shows every Monday 11.11 Pst.

The show streams live from California. Tune in here.

When we are confronted with issues of sexuality, we often times feel uncomfortable talking about or sharing with others what it is we believe and/ or feel. Our western society has brought most of us up to believe that it’s taboo to speak of, or feel any urges or thoughts of what might be considered unhealthy even nasty.

We are growing beyond the confines of this limited concept, as it has played a part in a direct and indirect influence on the out spreads of pornography, sexual abuse and plain inhibitions of common good practice within relationships and it’s rightful place to explore acceptable boundaries of mutual agreement.

We are breaking the ties of such limited view of the beauty of mind, body and spirit to be able to recognize rightful understanding of sexuality. I encourage ALL to #JOIN US with this sure to be explosive and insightful#BigCtv2mobileHOTSPOT/#PositiveTv Simulcast of #1oveandGratitude 11:11 LIVE this Monday at 11:11 PST, 2:11 EST with Hosts Heather & Jason Michael Powers!