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Scott Brusaw’s solution to hot roadways and wasted energy is to create roads from solar panels.

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Solar Roadways is the brain child of Scott Brusaw of Sacramento, CA. Replacing traditional petroleum-based asphalt roads, parking lots and driveways with structurally-engineered solar panels that can withstand the weight and impact of moving vehicles.

The solar panels reduce the need for petroleum while providing energy for nearby residencies and businesses. The larger goal is to reduce or eradicate the need for fossil fuels through the use solar roadways to meet energy demands for the US, creating a decentralized power grid.

Beyond solar power collection, the roadways also function as an intelligent data transfer system, connecting any areas connected by a series of Solar Road Panels.

Brusaw imagines roadways across the US interconnected through Solar Road Panels, allowing the West Coast to power the East Coast in the final hours of the day or the East Coast to power the West Coast in the early morning. All electric vehicles would have easily accessible charging stations all along these powered roads, encouraging the predominant use of electric vehicles over internal combustion engines.

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