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Students travel to Australia for Bristol RAG Jailbreak Challenge without spending money

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Two students have made it all the way to Australia in 36 hours for free in a charity fund-raising competition.

Emma Blott and Mary Spender were determined to win when set the task to travel as far away as possible in a 36-hour period whilst spending no money.

It was all part of the University of Bristol RAG Jailbreak Challenge – and they did it in some style too, travelling 9,113 miles to Perth , with the help of sponsor Air Asia, Heathrow Express and Skybus . The distance beat the previous  record of Arizona and t he pair raised over £700 for good causes. “We are thrilled,” said Mary.

Co-ordinated by the University of Bristol Students’ Union, teams were tracked via a website and once the 36 hours were up, participants were asked to take a photo at a famous landmark in the town or city they had reached. They were also also buy a copy of the local newspaper and send a postcard back before they left.

Each team was sponsored and the money raised will go to the University of Bristol Students’ Union’s fundraising project, Raising and Giving (RAG), which raises money for local, national and international charities. Last year RAG raised over £250,000 for good causes, including the Student Community Action project Jolidays which enables young carers to take a well deserved break, One25 House who support women trapped in sex work and the Jessie May Trust amongst many others. The fundraising total since its inception 86 years ago is now well over a million pounds.

You can see their adventure on video by going to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKSiRhpEXtg

Our Thanks to Simon Meadows and The Optemist for this story