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Teenager hits the Jackpot after tidying his room!

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A teenager from Midlothian has cleaned up on the National Lottery after finally cleaning up his messy bedroom.

Ryan Kitchin scooped more than £50,000 after finding a winning lottery ticket in the room that his mother had been asking him to clean for weeks.

The 19-year-old had no idea he had successfully picked five numbers and the bonus ball for the draw made on February 8 and was about to bin the ticket when he had second thoughts.

The part-time supermarket worker took the ticket with him to work and had had a colleague check the numbers. They knew he had won, but couldn’t tell him how much.

It wasn’t until Mr Kitchin later called lottery operator Camelot that he discovered he had scooped £52,891.

The youth plans to pay off the loan on his car and take his mother on a much-needed holiday.

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