The Tree Conference highlights vital role of Trees

Our favourite environmental blogger Ecohustler reports on The Tree Conference that is taking place in Glastonbury on Saturday

4th November.

The Tree Conference – an exciting new venture spearheaded by a collective of eco activists, school teachers and sustainable landscape architects in Somerset – is to present a one-day networking event at Red Brick Building, Glastonbury on Saturday 4 November, highlighting the crucial role trees and forests can play in mitigating climate change and ocean acidification.

Featuring world class speakers, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Bruce Parry, Wendy Stephenson and Dr Alan Rayner, the 100-seat conference will be broadcast to a global audience via livestream, imparting leading-edge information about tree science, tree function and global reforestation strategies. The event will also be a call to action, demonstrating how we can personally and collectively contribute to sharing the growing wisdom about trees and forests, globally.

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