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We are Positive TV love this important film from Mount Kenya charting the works of Tress Sisters, Women Seeding Change.

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Tomorrow – Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent Many things have been tried to resolve the ecological and economic crises. They haven’t really worked. According to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohammed Yunnus, the strongest driving force in human beings is their desire and their imagination. He believes that today we must make films and tell stories that spark the desire to build another world. This is what Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent decided to do by lining up known solutions in all spheres side-by-side to show what our society could look like tomorrow… http://www.demain-lefilm.com https://www.facebook.com/demain.lefilm

The Tree Conference and associated network provide support to individuals and groups working to take care of trees, reforest the planet, regenerate habitats for wildlife, research emerging tree ecosystem science at this time. Our core aims: 1) Profile the amazing projects and methods globally to meet IPCC pathways for reforestation, afforestation and soil sequestration. 2) Highlight the emerging science and best practice around tree ecosystems in the media and education. 3) To halt deforestation of ancient growth forests through supporting legal advances and forest defenders. Go to www.thetreeconference.com to find out more, explore partnerships, volunteer or join our email newsletter list. The Tree Conference Network is a project under the charitable status of internationaltreefoundation.org and works in close collaboration with TreeSisters.org.

We love the Share shop in Frome.

Visit : https://sharefrome.org/

On Earth Day 2016, travel back in time to when David Cameron hugged a husky and enthusiastically promised Britain a greener future to combat climate change.

So how did it all pan out?

Hint: probably even worse than you’re imagining.

The Seed Co-operative is a community-owned seed company who believe passionately in breeding open pollinated and affordable seeds that everyone can grow for the coming year. The Seed Co-operative was founded by David Price and Kate Ayre who share the responsibilities of developing the organisation, growing seed and managing their online shop. They sell a wide range of vegetables, flowers and herbs and green manures and are committed to building a resilient food system that will benefit everyone through access to seed, advice and training.

We love this video from Braincraft on the amazing effects of gratitude.

We at Positive TV love think this is a project worth backing.


Bird is a new sunglasses brand with a difference. They make pioneering, stylish sunglasses using high quality, sustainable materials and for every pair sold, they distribute a solar light to families in Malawi, Zambia and Uganda through their Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid.

They are a small team committed to creating beautiful, thoughtful products that look great and do good. It’s business on purpose.

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In this episode Positive TV visits the Mothers 4 Children lunch.

Solutions is a programme dedicated to showcasing people and organisations around the world who are creating a positive impact upon the earth and across all sectors of society,

In this episode Positive TV visits the Green Awards.

Also in this episode PTV finds out more the Make Peace Fashion Show.

Solutions is a programme dedicated to showcasing people and organisations around the world who are creating a positive impact upon the earth and across all sectors of society,