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Dubplate Drama Report for Solutions

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Today is very exciting for PTV because we air our first report from our shiny new Positive Youth Team! Our new young reporter Damilola made his first report interviewing the actors of Dubplate Drama. Talk about a born natural ! Dubplate Drama is the world’s first viewer led interactive television show.

This urban music drama series will be shown on Channel 4 and MTV. It follows the adventures of a group of young people at the height of their musical career. The series covers real life issues such as drugs, gun and knife crime and gang culture as well as the pitfalls of getting into the music business. Its a unique blend of hard-hitting drama, cutting-edge music, comedy and interactivity. It even had an old croc like me on the edge of my seat, balling my head off with laughter on minute, then trying to discreetly wipe away a tear the next. By making the series interactive Dubplate has sucessfully engaged young people in discussing and addressing these hard issues. At the end of each episode there is a }