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PositiveTV – Advertising / Sponsorship

PositiveTV has a new MENU of programmes:

  1. Topic of the Week – A light-hearted look at the positive world around us. Dana and Jeremy find and talk to the people who are making a difference in today’s world. These are the real celebrities of the 21st century, people who are bringing positivity to our planet one drop at a time. (One episode per week, topics vary.)
  2. The Great Kitchen Table Debate – Giving a Voice to People’s Conversations. PositiveTV’s brand new, hot format. We get around a kitchen table and find out what people are thinking. We’ve shot one series in London and a second live on Easter Sunday in Glastonbury. We are already working on 3 more – at the Sunrise Festival, in Perpignan France with Renaissance 2 and one more in London. (Two episodes per week, live streaming and 3-4 minutes long, current events issues.)
  3. Celebrity Shorts – Celebrities give us their take on a better world. Short videos that allow celebrities to give us their take on an issue or a topic. (One episode per 2 weeks, 1-2 minute per videos, various celebrities.)
  4. The Archive Library – Three years of Positive TV programming. This encapsulates the history of PositiveTV. There are many gems in here and we aim to re-release them on a regular basis.

Existing and future programme episodes are available for:

  • Pre-rolls (max 15’)
  • Post Roll (max 1”)
  • Sponsor our weekly newsletter
  • Banner advertisements
  • Other advertisements
  • Product placement
  • Co-production credits

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