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The Seed Co-operative is a community-owned seed company who believe passionately in breeding open pollinated and affordable seeds that everyone can grow for the coming year. The Seed Co-operative was founded by David Price and Kate Ayre who share the responsibilities of developing the organisation, growing seed and managing their online shop. They sell a wide range of vegetables, flowers and herbs and green manures and are committed to building a resilient food system that will benefit everyone through access to seed, advice and training.

The Colorado River irrigates 15 percent of the nation’s crops, making Western agriculture an issue that is crucial to the lives and dinner plates of all Americans. Conservation Generation is a new short film by the National Young Farmers Coalition that offers a look into the lives of four young farmers and ranchers in the arid West.

We love the works of Dr Dani Gordon to find out more about her works visit.

Another wonderful film from the acrobatic troupe

“65 is the average age of farmers, and there are not enough young farmers to replace them. How did we get here?

Trees don’t actually compete with each other. They are super-cooperators!

Find out more about sponsoring a Sustainable Human video:

A unique experience of playing and communicating with wild pilot whales during Dolphin Embassy’s round-the-world expedition along the 30th Parallel (North). In water: Nicole Gratovsky and Pilot whales Camera: Rafa Herrero Massieu Music: Davide Swarup and the Cosmic Mermaids

Lovely yoga practise for younger children.

We love this film about children and chess.

What a great game to play with children when you are at home and want a break from screen time.