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We were delighted to find this wonderful film with Eileen Caddy, found of Findhorn, Scotland UK https://www.findhorn.org/

We love her book Opening Doors Within


When the Rome Statute, one of the possibly most powerful and important documents in the world was drafted, environmental crimes where on the list of possible crimes against peace and security of mankind.

But it was removed without vote and without any reason given. This was possible because it has not been in the public domain. But these times have changed.

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This powerful spoken word poem, performed by youth advocate Jaiia Cerff, is a perfect reminder of the simple things that make our world a better place.

buy the tune here: https://alexdenholm.wixsite.com/mysite-2 on my birthday i met a featherdancer she performed the most beautiful dance for me. i do not know her name. Yet. i made the tune at Chapel Records so i could share this wonderful moment with you. Enjoy. Thank you Featherdancer, you beautiful spirit. )'(

We love this film by Mac Macartney

Imagine if we placed the future of all children, human and non-human, at the centre of our institutions of power – in our governments, in our corporations, in our schools, in our halls of religion – can you imagine the impact on our world? This is true sustainability. Our families, our homes, our beginning and end, fertile soil, birdsong, just laws, peaceful communities, purpose and belonging. We must begin to tell this story, for what kind of society is it that would not place the future of life at the centre of all things?
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A song and dance man on a mission to save the world.

The true story of the daring, controversial, decades-ahead-of-his-time World Citizen #1 Garry Davis


A comedian desperate to stop a war, pulls off an act of political theatre so gutsy

and eye-opening that it sparks a huge movement—drawing Albert Einstein,

Albert Camus and a cast of thousands into what Martin Sheen calls

“a roadmap to a better future.”

To find out more about the movie go to : https://www.theworldismycountry.com