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Jane Taylor went to Beaulieu House to meet Lady Fiona Montague and to talk to her about her hosting of the Vision In Action Group, we also interview Yasuhito Ginko Kimora and Elizabeth Satoris. This is a more indepth cut of the Interview

We go to interview Josh Dugdale at a screening of his film The Unwinking Gaze, a film made about the 70th birthday of the Dalai Lama, which extended out to become a Biography and influenced the conversations between Tibet and China!

2011 Sunrise Festival Telepathic results. Dr David Ash and Dana of Positive TV conducted amazing telepathic viewing experiments to demonstrate the power of telepathy. Two diagrams were drawn each incorporated a colour and two geometric shapes, one inside the other. These were hidden even from David and Dana before the experiments. The experiments were repeated on the Friday and Saturday on different volunteers. Each day 10 people were zipped into a tent with paper and crayons. They were asked to draw what they saw in their minds in the way of shapes and colours. Dana and David were given the diagrams and ran round the festival site showing them to people, asking them to project what they saw to the tent. On the Friday the diagram was a black triangle inside a red circle. When we got back to the tent: • 8 out of ten chose the red colour • 7 out of ten drew triangles • 4 out of ten drew circles • 3 out of ten drew a triangle inside a circle The probability of that happening by chance was 1 in 220,000 On Saturday the diagram was a black circle inside a red square • 5 out of ten drew with the right colour • 6 out of ten drew squares • 7 out of ten drew circles • 2 out of ten drew a circle inside a square The probability of that happening by chance was 1 in 200,000 How amazing was that? One the Saturday we had similar startling results. We will have the results of last years telepathy experiments on show for you to view at Sunrise 2012.

Brahma Kumaris Sister Jayanti offers us her top tips for a better day and a better life!

Brahma Kumaris’ Simon Ralph offers us his top tips!

Guided meditation from Solara An-Ra

Filmed with Solara An-Ra at the London Festival of Tantra, we examine Sacred Sex, and what it means

Richard Lawrence talks to PositiveTV and offers us his top tips.

My Pleiadian guides say that this meditation, practised daily, would change the world almost instantly if practised by enough people! I’ve put it up on my website free of charge, hoping to get hundreds of thousands of people doing it in as short as time as possible. Please spread the word and pass it onto others! This youtube version may be too soft to use effectively – you can download this 8 minute version, or the original 13 minute meditation on www.solara.org.uk. Its recommended that you start with the longer version and then use the shorter if time is an issue. Start your day with all of your energy present, cleansed and protected, grounded into Gaia, & connected with Heaven & Earth! Email me at solara@solara.org.uk if you want to receive monthly news and meditations. Love and thanks! Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light xxx

We interviewed Nick a few weeks ago, in fact, Nick really interviewed himself! (Watch, you’ll see what I mean!) This wonderful life coach who now lives in Hawaii, is on tour in Europe for a while, check out his website for details of his retreats. He offers a scientificexplanation of our lives and spirituality on Earth! see www.successultranow.com

Solara An-Ra offers us her Morning Chakra Meditation. Start your morning in this peaceful and energising way!

We interview Mel Carlile CEO of The Mind body and Spirit festival and Paul Terrell shows us Inversion Therapy where the therapist supports you with their legs and holds you upside down! We speak to the Author of “The business you were born to create” – Nick Williams. Katie Phillips from daringandmighty.com explains about affirmations, we hear from Diana Cooper, Stewart Pearce, Richard Lawrence and Howard Napper, with their thoughts about such things as “2012” and what will take place, Planetary Healing and the process of aging! If you couldn’t make it to this wonderful festival, let PTV take you on a guided tour!