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Today we feature an appeal for help!

Access:energy is a fantastic project:- Wind turbines made by Kenyans, for Kenyans. Power to the People.

The founder writes:-

access:energy – started with me and a friend trying our hand at building a wind turbine from bike parts in Southern Ethiopia. Our hobby project snowballed and access:energy is now a triple bottom line startup company. We are setting up to deliver affordable electricity to rural Kenya, where there is no electric grid for 96% of houses and in most cases no national plans to put one in. We won research grants and raised foundation money, developed our own “reverse-engineered” tech and built a great team out in Kenya. This Friday just passed we received a down payment from our first client, Moses. His turbine has already been built and we”re scheduled to make his house fully wind powered next week. If all goes well, he will be the first of many.

The campaign – we have a video up on IndieGoGo, a Har kan alla som ar over 18 ar , kan smaka pa aventyr roulette , enarmade banditen , och Tjugoett . crowdsourcing site, that has raised almost $9000 from 81 supporters. The idea is to raise small small donations from thousands of people rather than going to one rich guy for startup capital. We”re offering little things, like a Hunky Kenyan mechanic calendar (seriously), and some big things, like a trip out to visit access:energy in Kenya. So every contribution is essentially a pre-order. Also, we have a commitment from a charitable foundation, who will double anything entered before the deadline.

Deadline is 15th of February

So, action: watch the video, read about us, and if you like what you see, join our crowd!

You can find our campaign at www.indiegogo.com/accessenergy

If you can put in even a tiny contribution, awesome! If you can forward to your friends, awesome! If you can get a journalist to promote our campaign, also awesome!

This is our big push – help create a fully fledged, triple bottom line company that powers up 100,000s of East African homes with Kenya-made renewable energy. You really can help make this happen.

Please help!