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Frome Community Crowd Funding Campaign starts in earnest for Active and In

A crowd funding campaign started this week in Frome to raise £12,000 for the local
community project Active and In Touch. The project reaches out to people who are
alone or isolated, offering them companionship and help.

Active and In Touch Frome is an important social action volunteering project that
connects members of the community volunteering to help the isolated, elderly and
disadvantaged people in Frome and surrounding neighbourhoods. Volunteers assist
members to help improve their lives, wellbeing and positively engaging them in
community life.

Active and In Touch hope to inspire the community of Frome to feel proud and
committed to this project and get involved in fun ways to raise money to help ensure the
project thrives year on year.

One of the fundraising initiatives is Dinner4Good
www.dinner4good.com/ActiveandInTouch (use this url) inviting the community to hold
dinner parties either at home, in participating restaurants, pubs, and café’s to gather dine
and donate to this important community project.

We are also reaching out to local markets, schools, church groups, communities
events/venues, businesses and shops to participate in the challenge to help raise the
monies to support Active and In Touch Frome.

“Demand for Active and In Touch is rising, we know this social action project works – it
has really made a difference to the lives of frail and vulnerable people in Frome. We
want to help many more communities and will need to raise funds to do so. We are
hoping that this crowd funding campaign will be a success in Frome and an inspiration to
other communities in Somerset”. Angela Kerr CEO Vista.

Since September 2011 Active and In Touch have trained over 30 volunteers who are
now actively supporting older and isolated people. The aim is to improve the social
health of Frome by building connections, friendships and support between local people.
Pippa Goldfinger Mayor of Frome who is a keen and active supporter of Active and In
Touch and the community crowd funding campaign recently took part in a film about the
project to help bring awareness to the campaign

We hope this film helps reach lots of people in the community of Frome to get involved.
If you would like to get involved in creating a community event to help raise funds for this
important community project please contact:

Dana Amma Day Active and In Touch

Or Lucia
Lucia Chadwick Community Projects Coordinator Frome

To find out more about Active and In Touch go to www.activeandintouch.org.uk