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Freedom Lecture – Polly Higgins, Eradicating Ecocide

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We are sharing here Polly Higgins Freedom Lecture that was live streamed.

‘Lawyer of the earth’ Polly Higgins will give the Freedom Lecture. During this edition of the Freedom Lecture we will address the relationship between ecocide, human rights, sustainability and freedom. When the Scottisch Higgins first came up with the idea that the earth was in need of a lawyer, everyone thought she was mad. Now Polly Higgins is one of the most powerful and most outspoken voices in the fight for a more sustainable world. She advocates a legal duty of care by putting people and planet first.

Higgins’s mission is to make ecocide the fifth international crime against peace. The aim is to create legal duty of care, using criminal provisions, so that state and corporate actors are legally responsible for acts or omissions that give rise to ecological and climate devastation. With the result that they can be prosecuted at both state and international level. Criminologist and geographer Tim Boekhout van Solinge will join after the lecture for a conversation with Polly on the devastations in the Brazilian Amazone that are caused by illegal logging and large scale farming. How can a barrister and a criminologist protect the most bio diverse region on earth? In which ways do they cooperate with local communities, and how can we make sure that the actors will be held legally responsible for acts or omissions that give rise to ecological and climate devastation?

Philipp Ambach, Special Assistant to the President at International Criminal Court, will give an introduction to the Freedom Lecture. Singer Lilian Vieira gives a musical performance of the poetry of the Brazilian poet and climate activist Astrid Cabral.
Tim Boekhout is a geographer and criminologist who specializes in eco-crime and forest crime, in particular illegal logging and deforestation in equatorial forests. In recent years he focused on illegal logging and land grabbing in the Brazilian Amazone.