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The Lady Grail Faire

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The Grail Lady Faire To a Glastonbury veteran like me, the word festival usually conjures up images of stumbling through a muddy sea of bands and booze. This June, I travelled to Canada to experience a completely different type of festival, styled ‘The Enlightened Woodstock for Women’. Over seven days there was a mind expanding, heart opening array of talks, workshops and performances. These internationally-renown women included writers, musicians, healers, activists and a Cree Nation Native Canadian Medicine Woman. But they all had one thing in common – they are “Women Birthing the New Earth’, dedicated to creating positive change in the world. The Faire far exceeded anything any of us expected. Women together talking freely, drumming, dancing, singing, healing – it felt very ancient and powerful, breaking out of the usual presenter/audience divide into a circle of sisters, each with an important part to play. And to top it all, Grail Springs is a stunning resort with a forest and a crystal clear lake for swimming and canoeing, where you can have saunas, massages, even full body seaweed wraps. And not a pair of muddy wellies in sight!