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Colourfest Festival

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Colourfest is a 4 festival with its roots deeply in yoga, based on a magnificent Dorset country estate. The atmosphere is open and heart centred, offering the opportunity for profound and joyful shared experience. The rich program supports what is a creative, upbeat event, exploring life through intelligent movement and dance, yoga, devotional sounds, acoustic music and the arts. We have truly gifted international yoga and satsang facilitators, sacred sound artists and meditation guides. There are a variety of dance and movement workshops that come together for collaborative jams with live artists for innovative and uplifting dance experiences. Gaunts House has an amazing array of gifts including on site accommodation for over 100 people, woodlands, swimming pool, camping facilities, toilets, showers and masses of space for camping and campervans With a packed program of yoga, music, DJ’s, art, theatre and daily satsang, it promises to be playful, deep and insightful.